Walmart drops iPhone 3GS Price to $97 , 8GB 3G to get axed ?

Looks like Apple is in full swing to clear out unwanted iPhone inventory just before the new version is launched. Walmart has dropped the price of the iPhone 3GS 16GB version to $97 on a 2-year contract.  It is currently selling at $199.

“It is our commitment to always lead on price,” Mehrdad Akbar, Wal-Mart’s senior category director for wireless, in a prepared statement about the price change.

So if you are buying the iPhone 3G 8GB version just to save some money without going for the 3GS you are just buying a soon-to-be-dead product.We won’t recommend buying the 3GS at this time either. It will also be eventually killed.

Just wait for June 7th for Apple to announce the next iPhone !

And if you are looking to sell your iPhone , Do it NOW !

via BoyGenius and CNN

Author: Team FoneArena

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