Survey: Have you ever broken your smartphone display?

One of the most important component in a smartphone is the display and it is also the most expensive single equipment in the manufacturing process.


It often happens that we drop our smartphones due to various reasons and most often than not, we end up cursing ourselves for letting the device slip by. Getting a shattered display replaced is never going to be easy on your pockets and also the several trips that we need to make to the service center only makes it that much annoying.

We wanted to know how many of you have dropped your smartphones only to pick it up with a shattered display and the cost involved in getting fixed and the time your device spends in the service center. We have created a small survey form and we would be really grateful if you could fill it up for us.

We have made it really easy and it’s only going to take a few minutes to complete it. So, do let us know your experience and do share this survey with your friends and family. And, don’t forget to hit that submit button! Thank you!


Author: Team FoneArena

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