Windows 10 update now rolling out for Xbox One

Xbox One Boot Up

The day that many Xbox One users have been waiting for is finally here. Microsoft has now started rolling out Windows 10 for the console through a staged roll-out.


The update brings in an all new UI as well as backwards compatibility for some Xbox 360 games.There is compatibility for around 104 old Xbox 360 games. The new UI is overall much faster to use and much simpler to understand compared to the old UI. The redesigned homescreen provides quicker access to your contacts and the ability to start or join parties. It should also improve the performance of your Xbox One.

If you have configured your Xbox One for “Instant-On” then your console should automatically download the update otherwise you’ll have to turn it on and do it manually. It’s important to note that since this is a staged roll-out, it might take a while before the update appears on your console specifically.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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