Next gen Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 Imported into India for testing


A new import listing reveals that the successors of the Samsung Galaxy A3 and the A5 have been imported into India for testing purposes.

The Galaxy A3 and A5 had the model numbers SM-A300 and SM-A500 respectively while the new A3 and A5 devices that have been imported have the model numbers SM-A310F and SM-A510F respectively.

The listing also reveals the screen sizes of both the new phones. The new A3 will have a bigger 4.75 inch screen compared to the 4.5 inch screen on the original A3. Similarly, the new A5 will have a 5.2 inch screen compared to the 5 inch screen of the first.


It has been around a year since the original A3 and A5 came out so it is about time that Samsung launched their successors. We aren’t quite sure what the F stands for in the model name but it could be an indicator for the phones being DualSIM. But the Indian versions of the A3 and A5 already had hybrid dual SIMs so perhaps there could be versions with different processors based on the region. We will know for sure once we get more details regarding the specifications.

The value for the new A3 is listed at Rs 9,901 and A5 at Rs 13,201. Although the price will increase after tax and other duties, this should give us a rough idea about the expected price.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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