Uber now masks phone numbers of riders and drivers in India

Uber secured phone number

Uber has rolled out new safety feature in India that secures the phone numbers of the riders and drives for a better privacy. This feature is already available in OLA, India’s largest cab hire service. This will route the phone call from the driver or from the customer through a private line with anonymous phone numbers, so that both sides can communicate with each other to coordinate a pick-up without revealing their personal phone numbers, said Uber

Uber Safety

When you try to contact the driver after booking a ride and confirm your number or use another number, your number is not shared with the driver, and you won’t get the number of the driver. You will get a call from the driver through a third-party anonymized secure line offering a better privacy. Earlier this year Uber partnered with Safetipin, a mobile safety and auditing service to collect area data from Uber’s partner drivers across New Delhi to improve passenger safety.

Regarding to new safety feature, Uber, on their official blog, said:

As always safety is our priority. And that’s why we are investing in new technology so that we can help ensure people’s safety before, during and after the ride.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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