iPhone 4G Display Leaked On Video

It is rumored that iPhone 4G might be having a front-facing camera since a small hole appears on the iPhone 4G faceplate next to the top speakers. It is even rumored that the iPhone 4G display will have the same IPS display, which have been used for the iPad.

Earlier we posted that Apple might be launching 2 different versions of iPhone this year – the next generation iPhone 4G which has been named as iPhone HD and a CDMA version of iPhone for Verizon. Now, SmartPhone Medic released a video which shows the iPhone 4G LCD and Digitizer Assembly.

The faceplate of iPhone 4G is approximately 1/4 inches longer than the faceplate of the current iPhone 3GS. But the display dimension of iPhone 4G is exactly the same. Even the upper side of the faceplate has the same space for headphone jack, speakers and proximity & ambient light sensors as compared to those in iPhone 3GS.

The faceplate of iPhone 4G has a small hole next to the top speaker, which is believed to be the rumored front-facing camera. In the video, you may have noticed that there is a color difference in both the displays. The display color of iPhone 3GS appears to be light grey while the display color of iPhone 4G is black.

When the iPad is shut down, the display color appears to be the same. Hence, it is believed that the  iPhone 4G may have the same IPS display which have been used for the iPad. Check out the video of iPhone 4G LCD and Digitizer Assembly and let us know your views.


Author: Omkar Dutta

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