iPhone 4G Display Leaked On Video

It is rumored that iPhone 4G might be having a front-facing camera since a small hole appears on the iPhone 4G faceplate next to the top speakers. It is even rumored that the iPhone 4G display will have the same IPS display, which have been used for the iPad.

Earlier we posted that Apple might be launching 2 different versions of iPhone this year – the next generation iPhone 4G which has been named as iPhone HD and a CDMA version of iPhone for Verizon. Now, SmartPhone Medic released a video which shows the iPhone 4G LCD and Digitizer Assembly.

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Apple iPhone Video and iChat appear in Operator Inventory – Variants , Price and colors Revealed

WWDC is Tomorrow and the next gen Apple iPhone  has been leaked on an Italian Website SpazioCellulaire

See the screen of the inventory below showing all the different variants of the new iphone .

  • The new iphones are called iPhone Video and iPhone Video iChat
  • There are possibly 12 variants of the phone
  • 16 GB – 64 GB memory to be available
  • Its going to be available in various colors – White , Black, Orange , Green with Flower, Yellow , Red – This concept was bang on target Apple wants to carry the ipod nano colors concept to the iphone too

Some interesting facts about the colors are the Green W/Flowers , Yellow with fluffy bunnies

Product Red has been part of ipod family

iPhone Video Price

Even the price of the new phones have been leaked.

The 64GB version might cost $179 – $199 . Apple might charge extra for colors.

There is even a $99 16 GB version