Android console maker Ouya bought out by Razer


Revealed back in 2013, the Ouya was an Android running micro-console meant to bring high quality gaming to the masses. The company raised over 8.6 million USD on Kickstarter but poor reviews meant that the console was more or less dead on arrival. The Ouya, priced at $100, shipped with middling hardware and a lackluster software selection.

Mesa Global Ouya Razer

Fast forward to 2015 and rumors around the acquisition of the flailing company started doing the rounds. Today, mergers & acquisitions giant Mesa Global has announced that Ouya has been picked up by Razer. There is no information about the financials surrounding the transaction.The acquisition does make a bit of sense given Razer’s focus on gaming and their own failure with the Forge Android TV device. Will the Ouya make a comeback as Razer’s ultra cheap console? If consumer reports are to go by, they’d better make some drastic changes to the hardware if they have any plans of bringing it back to the market.

[Via – Liliputing]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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