Mobiles & Accessories Price set to Increase in Delhi – Budget 2010-11

As Delhi state budget for year 2010-11 was proposed , there was bad news for users who are looking to buy new mobiles, especially high end /expensive ones

Delhi Govt has decided to increase VAT(Value Added Tax) from current 5% to 12.5% for almost 32 items and those include mobiles & mobile accessories above Rs. 10000. This is clearly going to increase prices of Mobiles in near future by almost Rs. 700-800 for Rs. 10000 mobile.

This is a bad move, especially after Maharashtra Govt did exactly same thing last year when they increased VAT from 4% to 12.5%. Many people were buying Mobiles from Delhi as it was cheaper compared to Maharashtra but now they need to look for some other alternatives. It seems that Delhi govt. is treating Mobiles above Rs. 10000 as luxury items.

We hope that Govt. may decide to review this decision as it may affect sales in the City.

What you think as Mobile users, Enthusiasts with this decision by Delhi Govt? Let us know your opinions.

This post was contributed by Suyog from New Delhi

Author: Varun Krish

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