Opera for Android gets Turbo mode, Tab syncing and more


Opera Software on Tuesday updated its mobile browser for Android with a new Turbo mode that essentially is an upgrade to the previously available Off-Road mode.

The updated Opera for Android app (available on Google Play) has now replaced the Off-Road mode toggle with new Turbo mode switch. Just like the Off-Road mode, the new Opera Turbo mode will still compress (non-HTTPS) page content on Opera Turbo servers, but the page rendering will now happen on your phone. Opera claims that this will increase the website as well complex-pages compatibility. Previously, the Off-Road mode lacked the complex JavaScript support.

Pther features introduced with this Opera update include – Tab syncing, Automatic text-wrap and 64-bit support.

With Tab syncing, users will be able to sync tabs across multiple devices, and with Automatic text-wrap, the Opera browser will auto adjust the maximum paragraph width to the width of your devices’ display screen.

Author: Hitesh Arora

From making Gadget and Auto videos for TV and online media, this guy landed up in Tech Writing. He has his heart at the right place when it comes to finding deals online. You will always find him suggesting people which device to buy. Hitesh calls himself a TV buff, who loves cooking, eating, dancing, and sleeping. You can follow him on Twitter @hitesharoraa