Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge pricing allegedly revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Charcoal Black_fonearena-08

Samsung has only just begun issuing invites to its March 1 MWC 2015 event in Barcelona where the Galaxy S6 and S Edge are likely to be announced but already we’re hearing alleged pricing for the handset. According to AndroidPit, the Galaxy S6 and S Edge will both be available in three storage sizes and the Galaxy S6 will begin at €749 whilst the Galaxy S Edge will be approximately €100 more.

The Galaxy S6 with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options and will be priced at €749, €849 and €949 respectively whilst the Galaxy S Edge will be available with the same storage options and will be priced at €849, €949 and €1049 respectively. These prices equate to approximately £565, £640 and £715 for the Galaxy S6 and £640, £715 and £790 for the Galaxy S Edge but it’s worth noting that we usually hear higher pricing ahead of the official launch and actual release price could be lower.

These prices are similar to the launch pricing for the Galaxy S5 which started at £550 in the UK for the 16GB and the Galaxy Note Edge which had a launch price of £700 in the UK (although it was available from Vodafone for £600 at launch). Whether this pricing is accurate or not remains to be seen but the countdown is on and it’s likely that Samsung will at least give us an indication of price at the March 1 launch event.


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