Video : Rightware Cross platform 3D UI on Nokia N900

At MWC 2010 we bumped into folks behind Rightware Kanzi – a cross platform 3D UI platform. Here is a video of the UI in action on a Nokia N900 running on the Maemo platform.  There is even gesture detection using the front video calling camera . Watch the video to see it in action

The platforms supported are Android, Blackberry, Linux, Maemo, Moblin, iPhone OS, Palm Web OS, Symbian OS, and Windows Mobile. Kanzi solution is built on top of OpenGL ES graphics API.They are offering a SDK for developers to create the interfaces for the Kanzi platform.

ARM has outlined about the Kanzi engine and looks like a lot of ARM  processors including the Cortex-A8,Cortex-A9 are compatible.

Kanzi is looking to license the UI to cell phone manufacturers and other consumer electronics products. It does look pretty cool and has even multi-touch. Can we ever see it on consumer electronic products ?  Only time will tell

Author: Varun Krish

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