Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S View Flip Cover – One key design change


The Galaxy Note range arguably led to the creation of two of Samsung’s product lines – handsets with large displays and the rather unique S View cover and the latter has since been extended to Samsung’s other flagship handsets. With the introduction of this year’s Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has tweaked the design of the Galaxy Note 4 S View cover but there’s a very good reason for this.


One design ‘flaw’ that’s been common to the entire S View range has been the tendency of the flip cover to open as there was nothing keeping it in place. With this flaw, products such as the Spigen Magentic Clip were born and with the flip remaining open, it often rendered the case redundant as it wouldn’t protect your display from dust, dirt and accidental cosmetic damage (such as scratch marks, blemishes etc).


Samsung seems to have been listening as it’s new cover is weighted to close the flip when it’s not in use. The front of the cover has a couple of indentations and shows where the weighting appears to be (between the indentations and at the bottom) – the result is that instead of the flip remaining open, it smoothly (but somewhat slowly) closes.


Other than this design tweak, the cover has a few other improvements in the S-View window functionality. These include access to the heart rate monitor (although you need to set up your S Health profile to enable this feature) and access to the torch, settings and your favourite contacts. The favourite contacts option specifically makes its easy to reach out to the people you call most without having to use your phone. One useful feature that has been removed however is access to Action Memo via the window which used to let you scribble notes on the window and access them later (all without opening the flip).

We’ll be going into the S View Case’s functionality in a more in-depth review so be sure to subscribe so you know when it’s been published. Naturally Samsung wants to cater for as many users as possible which means there’s also a Classic Edition which has the same design as past S View covers. Whichever you go for, the S View Cover offers unique functionality that other manufacturers have tried unsuccessfully to replicate and for good reason – it allows you to use the important features of your handset through a smaller more usable window whilst keeping your handset safe.

Author: Nirave

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