Vodafone to re-enter the US Market


Vodafone are set to re-enter the US market as a MVNO running on the T-Mobile network. The network, who sold their large chunk in Verizon back tot he company for $130 billion, is not focusing on consumer and will instead cater to hundreds of multinational customers based across the pond.

The announcement comes via a press release published online and identifies that Vodafone is only interested in catering to large companies with a global presence (at least for now). The introduction of the Vodafone MVNO will also cater to more than 500 existing Vodafone enterprise customers who have a “strong US presence“.

Vodafone – who recently extended their UK 4G roaming offer to 40 countries around the world – will use its existing global network, which spans across 27 countries and 75 networks, to appeal to global businesses with products and services offered targeted towards enterprises. These products will include security, encryption, telecommunications expense management and cloud services (presumably including remote backup, restore and wipe of handsets).

The Vodafone US MVNO will launch in late Autumn 2015 and a successful network could yet see the company expand the MVNO’s offering to target consumers (although this is rather unlikely given the euphoria of Vodafone shareholders to selling their stake in Verizon and exiting the incredibly competitive US market).

Author: Nirave

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