Nokia N900 in All its Glory – Photo Gallery

We have been talking a lot about the N900 which runs on the fairly new Maemo 5 OS . While we will be publishing an in-depth review of the device shortly, here are some pictures of the N900 for your viewing pleasure.Although the phone comes with a stylus you might rarely need one. Viewing the display is a treat ! Now let the pictures do the talking – N900 In All It’s Glory !

The face of the phone

QWERTY Keyboard

5 MP Camera – Megapixel Madness

Kick Stand

Simple yet Cool Maemo UI

Although its big i fits nicely in the hand

Multitasking FTW !

Here is how the N900 looks next to the iPhone and Omnia HD

We will posting more comparison pictures shortly  !

Do you like these pictures or the N900 ?  Let us know in the comments

Author: Varun Krish

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