OnePlus One StyleSwap covers scrapped


One of the most (impending) distinguishing features of the OnePlus One was the swappable rear covers. OnePlus called these ‘StyeSwap’ covers, and showed off some of those during the launch in April.

OnePlus also announced that their only phone, the One, was being sold at near-cost prices and that profits would be made on accessories that would later be introduced. Among various other styles, OnePlus One StyleSwap covers were supposed to be made available in bamboo — made out of actual bamboo.

It was also announced that these covers would cost $49. However, owing to production and QC issues, OnePlus is now having to scrap their plans for the StyleSwap covers. In a recent forum post, it was mentioned that even though a lot of Bamboo StyleSwap covers had been produced, only a few of those passed OnePlus’ quality checks which seems to have changed their minds.

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The initial lot of Bamboo covers that did pass the quality check will be made available to users. However, there’s no clarity on when and how these will sell; we don’t even know yet if they’ll go for the previously mentioned $49.


Author: Yash Garg

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