Teens loosing interest in Nokia

Teenagers today carry three things, lotsa attitude, lotsa information or misinformation as some people like to say and yeah a mobile handset. Mobile phones today have become cheap and a necessity of our life that even teenagers carry them. Mobile phone companies target these teenagers as they are one of their most prospective target market. Companies like Nokia have made it a point to target teenagers and youth alike. But this time the target market strategies of Nokia seem to be falling apart. Habbo, a social networking sire conducted a survey among 58,000 teens who said that Nokia is the top mobile brand globally but according to Habbo, in the past 2 years the popularity of Nokia among teens is decreasing and they are parting ways with Nokia for Sony Ericsson and Samsung mobile handsets. Though Nokia is rated as a favorite handset, it doesn’t impress people in European countries like UK, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland. UK teens are preferring Sony Ericsson and Samsung handsets. Incidentally Nokia is a European brand. Teenagers are one of the main ingredient for a mobile handset player to make a successful platter in any country. With teenagers loosing their interest in Nokia, it seems Nokia really needs to think about new ways to get this interest back.

Author: Team FoneArena

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