Flappy Bird coming back in August with multiplayer capabilities

Flappy Bird, the insanely popular game is returning to the App Store as per Business Insider. The painfully addictive game was taken down from iOS and Android by its creator Dong Nguyen in early February.


Dong told CNBC in an interview that he will soon bring the game back soon, possibly sometime in August. He further added that this time the game will be a multiplayer and hence will allow more than one player to compete in real time. No further details about the game were revealed by Dong however, he said that the updated version of the game will be less addictive than the original.

Flappy bird which was actually released last year, but suddenly became a phenomenon on both Android and Apple App store. It was the No.1 game on both these stores and was generating thousands of dollars in revenue from in-app ads. The game went viral after being promoted almost entirely by social media users and was reviewed on a YouTube channel by more than 22 million subscribers.

The game features a small bird that players flew between green pipes, tapping the touch-screen to keep him airborne. Several clones of the game showed up after the game was pulled from both the app stores. Last week, Angry Birds creator Rovio launched ‘Retry’, a game which is similar to the line of Flappy Bird.

Via:Business Insider

Author: Sneha Bokil

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