Microsoft planning to launch fitness focused smartwatch?

Microsoft is the latest company that is entering the wearable market which is flooded with devices from companies like Samsung, Pebble, and others. The software and tech giant has patented a smartwatch which highlights fitness tracing.

microsoft smartwatch patent

Filed in Q4 2012, the patent shows that the smartwatch comes with a removable display which can be fitter into a fitness tracker. Moving on the device also boasts of biometric sensors to measure heart rate along with other fitness-oriented features. It will also track a user’s position and route via GPS. The smartwatch includes a touch display on its top surface and an optical light sensor on the bottom, where it will come into contact with the wearer’s skin and measure various exercise-related metrics, such as the wearer’s heart rate.

microsoft smartwatch patent

As per the patent there is a dock for the smartwatch which will be mostly used for charging and/or syncing the device. Along with the usual basic features of a smartwatch, Microsoft’s device can perform other functions like to listen to music, set an alarm  send messages and  make phone calls.

However, it must be noted that this is mere a patent and hence it does not mean that the Microsoft smartwatch will offer all the aforementioned features and might add or remove some of them.

Via: TechRadar

Author: Sneha Bokil

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