MNP might be delayed by few months as Operators are not Ready in India

mnp india
BS is reporting that the hugely awaited MNP or Mobile Number Portability which lets you retain your mobile number while switching your operator might be delayed even upto 3 months as some operators including BSNL and MTNL are not ready to offer the service. TRAI had earlier fixed the porting fee at Rs.19 only and looking at the comments in our post , looks like a lot of users are waiting to ditch their operator.Reports say that a quarter of the mobile user base might switch operators in India. We are sure it will increase competition in the telecom sector and lazy players will end up loosing customers.

The Porting of a number is expected to take 4 days to complete.

We were waiting for MNP to arrive in metros by Dec31st 2009 but seems like it won’t happen. DoT has called for a meeting this week to address the issues facing implementation.

Lets hope something we get atleast MNP , forget 3G

Author: Team FoneArena

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