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Nokia N900 MultiTasking in action 33 Apps

Submitted by on December 14, 2009 – 8:43 am 10 Comments


One of the main highlights of the Nokia N900 is the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple apps. Multitasking is one of the core strengths of the Maemo Platform .  How about Browsing a bunch of websites while listening to music , attend a phone call , check your calendar and reply to an important email ? Its all possible with the N900

Watch the video in which Multitasking on the N900 is pushed to the limits

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  • http://www.senseapplied.com Farhan

    Awsome , can’t wait to get mine

  • apaul

    This will be superb after an App Store is launched….Nokia is planning to do do…and Qt4 is gonna help as well

  • Jaydub

    What would really be interesting is to push it as far as you possibly can and try to recover. I’m interested to find out how well the device recovers… for example .. I think it was round about 20 apps it started slowing down… does it speed back up if u were to close those?

    • http://www.fonearena.com Varun Krish

      Yes . I tried on my N900. launched about 20 apps and was playing music .. Then closed one by one. Came back to full speed

      • Anonymous

        what was the cost of the phone when you brought it?

  • andy

    plz tell me does it plays all type of videos format? like my omnia? coz m confused, no fon plays as much omnia plays format types.

  • TJ

    i only wonder whether this N900 will ever be launched in India,,,,,,,,,,,,does anyone knows the date

  • spider

    is it released in india??

  • wayan yata

    i am from BALI- Indonesia…, how much price of n900 in BALI, when and where n900 ready stock in Depasar city BALI-Indonesia. sory for may english not good.thks

  • mitul

    i only wonder whether this N900 will ever be launched in India,,,,,,,,,,,,does anyone knows the date