Action Babes for iPhone and iPod Touch

The Apple App store app approval process is often plagued with controversy like the recent Google Voice fiasco. But you know what a company called OutboundCity has managed to get its sleazy app called the Action Babes on the App Store


A lot of time has passed and it has s been a hard fight with Apple, but we have won!
Action Babes Hot will be the first true hot application on iPhone and iPod touch though a little bit censored.
This is the compromise with Apple. We were allowed to show hot scenes, but we had to hide something.
Now users should discover 900 keywords, in Italian and English, which allow them to see the 44 scenes of our two “Action Babes”.

The app costs 99 cents is a mind boggling 200MB download ! It will work on your iPhone or iPod touch running 3.0 . Anyone interested ?

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Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks