Tata Docomo SIM Card is here

Tata Docomo seems to be getting a lot of attention amongst mobile consumers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. So we went ahead and bought a Tata Docomo SIM Card to check out the service . Tata Docomo is  Tata’s foray into GSM sevices in India and the different pricing strategy has already grabbed our attention. The SIM Card pack rarely gets any attention from customers as most of it is just marketing material and nothing is useful to the end user. Tata Docomo’s SIM pack was a bit different and it even included a flyer which indicated the call charges. More pics of the pack below

The SIM Card  pack came in a blue theme. I was expecting a Bright Red/ Orange combo which is the color theme found on the operator’s website.   We had to wait for nearly 4 days to get hold of this SIM as they were sold out. I paid Rs.75 to the shop and not Rs.49 . But i got Rs.25 free talktime.

The moment you open the pack , you see a nice greeting How do you do ?

Once i filled the Customer Application form and submitted other documents , I got the pack home.

There was a flyer which mentioned all the tariff details and there was a user guide too ..


Right now I’m using the SIM Card and finding the call quality good enough . Will try to post my impressions after using it .

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Author: Varun Krish

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