Tata Docomo SIM Card is here

Tata Docomo seems to be getting a lot of attention amongst mobile consumers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. So we went ahead and bought a Tata Docomo SIM Card to check out the service . Tata Docomo is  Tata’s foray into GSM sevices in India and the different pricing strategy has already grabbed our attention. The SIM Card pack rarely gets any attention from customers as most of it is just marketing material and nothing is useful to the end user. Tata Docomo’s SIM pack was a bit different and it even included a flyer which indicated the call charges. More pics of the pack below

The SIM Card  pack came in a blue theme. I was expecting a Bright Red/ Orange combo which is the color theme found on the operator’s website.   We had to wait for nearly 4 days to get hold of this SIM as they were sold out. I paid Rs.75 to the shop and not Rs.49 . But i got Rs.25 free talktime.

The moment you open the pack , you see a nice greeting How do you do ?

Once i filled the Customer Application form and submitted other documents , I got the pack home.

There was a flyer which mentioned all the tariff details and there was a user guide too ..


Right now I’m using the SIM Card and finding the call quality good enough . Will try to post my impressions after using it .

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • xavier

    i first using my cell the network was tata indicom since then i was with tata and now after tata came out with gsm service Docomo i switched to tata docomo and when everybody are using other networks and i hear them grumbling all these years, with tata services i have been a very cool customer try it to believe it.

  • nishant

    the users of the following number has been bothering me a lot these days lately and i would want the number to be blocked permanently

    here is the number :


    thank you

  • Nikunj

    Pls help…i ve been disturbed by a number by sending blank messages….pls block this number for me


  • Prakash

    i have bought tata docomo sim but it could not work my no. is 8460419998 so please help me and sort out my problem 

  • Mallayyachillal

    i want Duplicate sim to my number i am los my sim last one week so plz help me to tell me the store adderes i ma staying in near vijay nager

  • Sanaljose

    What to say, im very much disturbed, becaous i havent a steady network coverage around my home.

  • Ansari Kausharali

    ·         dear sir i dont get network properly so solve this problem and i further also done complem but the dosnt not get reply so plz slove this problem and i get onlz 5 network my mobile number is +918866220883 plz help me

  • Shivarudrappaka

    pls call me about prepaid sim cards

  • Sanjabond007

    i  want sum new docomo num can u gave me .//????

  • Mondfarzana


  • Dipayan_06

    is d docomo network available in d northeast specially in d hill stations of shillong?????????????

  • Vinuthan27

    send me u r mobile no …i ll call u nd explain.

  • Shashi

    plz activate my sim … phone number is 9030833911

  • Lankapriya11

      i want a new docomo number with 9 series can give me…………
     and also plese say me it is available…….

  • Singam Pullareddy6

    i want to know cdma sims are available or not 

  • Amit Jassi77

    hello sir.i have bought a sim from your company and i want to stop m numbr nw and pls give me my id proofs back.pls

  • sanoj

    plz activet my sim cad sr no 525111012568867
    Msidn 7207220351


    tata docoma very good

  • AJV44

    Not sure what “lifetime” validity means. They shut off my number because I did not useit for 60 days! Short “lifetime”.