Researchers bring OLED displays with solar cells for smartphones

Battery life has always been a problem when it comes to smartphones, we have been talking about solar powered smartphones from quite some time now, but have never come up with a good solution, but a research team has come up with a new concept of OLED displays which have solar cells embedded in them, and this really looks like the perfect solution, at least for now.

I am sure not many of us spend most of our time outside in the sun, but we do go out for lunch and travel to work everyday, this new display developed by these researchers charges the phone by itself when exposed to sunlight. The lead researcher of this project Arman Ahnood also mentions that these cells also consume the light emitted by the display to charge itself, which indirectly means that more you keep the screen on or use your device the phone will charge itself, this concept sounds really great and exciting as a perfect cure for low battery life in smartphones today.

Though the efficiency of the cells capturing light emitted by the display is around 11-18% which results to around 5 milliwatts of extra power on a 3.7″ display, you will be getting around 15- 20 minutes of extended battery life, and if you are using it with a bigger display like the Galaxy Note or the Galaxy Nexus then you might get better battery life, you can also think of taking breaks outside the office in sunlight which will hel pyou charge your phone. do you think this is the perfect solution for the low battery life of smartphones? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Source: Engadget


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