Nokia N9 cancelled in Hong Kong


Engadget reports that the Nokia N9 will no longer be available for sale in Hong Kong. While no press release has been issued so far , Engadget received an email from Nokia Hong Kong stating that the phone will not be available in the region.

The Nokia N9 is Nokia’s first MeeGo based smartphone. The device is powered by a 1Ghz processor coupled with 1 GB of RAM. The beauty of the phone lies in its simple interface called Swipe UI. Nokia had previously demoed regional apps like Sina which are popular in SE Asia so it is definitely surprising to see that the phone is not making its way to more Asian markets.

[Via – Engadget]

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Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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  • I need one

  • True Indian

    Who cares about Nokia these days. Are they a company with own decision or a MS subsidiary at the cost of nokia share holders.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Yo Dhruv!!!  What’s up man?  You should stop by Tmonews and GSMarena some time.

    Elop and crew must’ve heard the news about how well the N9 64GB sold out in Finland and decided to take it out of other markets.