MWC 2011 : Nokia WP7 Concept Previewed

Like we had already posted , Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 based concept phone renders got leaked earlier this week. Today at the Nokia event we got confirmation from Jo Harlow that these concepts were a culmination of two months of combined work by Nokia’s hardware engineers and Microsoft’s software engineers.

Concept image shown at Nokia’s Press Event

Combining the best of the Nokia hardware with brushed aluminum hardware and the Metro UI from the Windows Phone 7 , the concept image certainly looks good however it lacks basic functionality including copy-paste and multitasking. Would you buy a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device ?
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Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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  • rajaspidey

    yea if it get some symbian capabilities..!!

  • Nokia

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  • b soham

    Multitasking is a must if u want to compete in the high end smartphone market. What will happen if u get a good body with a lost soul? It’s of no use. I have faith in microsoft, but if they don’t come up with something innovative and beyond expectations, they will just keep losing their land to google and it’s android.

  • the phone looks nice, no one can beat nokia’s design and their market