HTC Incredible is Verizon’s Nexus One

When Nexus One was launched in January, Google had told that the device will come on Verizon pretty soon.

However, Google has now confirmed that Nexus One will not coming on Verizon and is redirecting the customers to pick up the recently launched the “cousin of the Nexus One”, HTC Incredible instead.

In an official statement, Google stated:

We won’t be selling a Nexus One with Verizon, and this is a reflection of the amazing innovation happening across the open Android ecosystem. Verizon Wireless customers who want an Android phone with the power of the Nexus One can get the Droid Incredible by HTC.

The device will be available in all Verizon Stores from April 29th, priced at $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new 2-year customer agreement.


Update : Google just posted an official announcement on the Nexus One Partnerships

An update on Nexus One partnerships

When we launched Nexus One in January, we announced partnerships with Vodafone in Europe and Verizon Wireless in the US. We have news on both fronts.

Today, Vodafone begins accepting pre-orders for Nexus One from customers in the United Kingdom at, and on April 30th Vodafone will start selling Nexus One in their UK stores, online, and over the phone. Soon after, they will also begin selling Nexus One in France (SFR), Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain. Vodafone is our first European partner to distribute the Nexus One.

In the US, if you’ve been waiting for the Nexus One for Verizon Wireless’ network, head over to to pre-order the Droid Incredible by HTC, a powerful new Android phone and a cousin of the Nexus One that is similarly feature-packed. It will be available in stores on April 29th.

We are very pleased with the amazing pace of innovation and strength of the Android ecosystem and to be working with partners around the world to bring the Android experience to more people.

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