Nokia Patents Flexible Cellphone

Around 2 years ago, Nokia introduced us to the Morph concept mobile phone. We have also seen the Nokia 888 Concept. both these concepts showed us the possibilities of Nanotechnology through which phone can be transformed from one form to the other.

A recent patent reveals that Nokia has patented a technology called USER INTERFACE, DEVICE AND METHOD FOR A PHYSICALLY FLEXIBLE DEVICE.

This patent might be a sign that a technological breakthrough has been achieved. This is how the technology has been described : “A user interface including a flexible display configured to display graphical objects and a controller configured to detect a first bend and determine a resulting first foldline, determine a graphical object being intersected by the first foldline and execute a function associated with the graphical object.”

This means Nokia has invented something similar to motion recognition. The flexible device would also require flexible parts such as a flexible screen, battery etc. Flexible screens are already available but even then it is unsure when we can see such a device. Nokia had hinted at such tech by 2015 in phones.

via GoRumors

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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