Microsoft Kills the KIN !

Microsoft announced the KIN phones KIN1 and KIN2 back only in April and now is killing the product to focus on Windows Phone 7. Microsoft will continue to sell the phones through Verizon in USA but we fear it might not be long until Verizon ran out of inventory. There were some reports that only 500 phones were sold since the launch and the sales were not as expected.

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Microsoft KIN2 Photos

The KIN2 is the widescreen , fully loaded version of the KIN1 and here are some official photos of the KIN2 or KIN TWO.  The Kin phones pack the KIN Loop homescreen as you can see above and makes sharing information between your friends very easy . Facebook, MySpace and Twitter is integrated into the device.

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Microsoft Pink Project becomes Kin – 2 new phones announced

The Microsoft Pink Project is finally official in the form of the Kin phones from Microsoft in a tie up with Sharp. These new phones are called the KIN 1 and KIN 2 and are aimed at the youth with sharing capabilities . The phones are going to be launched in May on Verizon USA’s Network. But we have a feeling it will be available outside the US too.

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