Intel Arc A-series GPU hardware specs detailed

Intel’s Arc A-Series discrete graphics processing units are part of the company’s mission to provide high-performance graphics hardware, software, and services to gamers and creators everywhere. With the release of the Intel Arc Graphics family for laptops, Intel is taking the next step in completing its mobile platform. Continue reading “Intel Arc A-series GPU hardware specs detailed”

Intel introduces Discrete Arc A-Series GPUs for laptops

Intel today unveiled the Arc line-up of discrete graphics processors, which are based on the firm’s revolutionary Xe HPG (High Performance Graphics) architecture. This first set of GPUs is designed specifically for laptops, with desktop and workstation versions coming later this year. Hardware, software, services, as well as high-performance graphics experiences will be delivered through the Intel Arc platform and the A-Series mobile GPU family. Continue reading “Intel introduces Discrete Arc A-Series GPUs for laptops”