Google improves search snippets with MUM

Google today announced new initiatives to enhance the high-quality content and information in search results. In addition, the business claims that it wants to introduce you to reliable information and aid in your comprehension and evaluation of it. Google recently claimed that utilizing quotes in search results improves them. Continue reading “Google improves search snippets with MUM”

Google improves search results when using quotes

Today, Google revealed improvements to “quoted” searches. The text you see describing web content is constructed around the location of a quoted word or phrase in a web document in the snippets Google shows for search results. Google recently rolled out a unified Gmail interface to improve user experience. Continue reading “Google improves search results when using quotes”

Google now lets Musicians post updates directly in search results

Google Musicians

Google has updated its search results that will put artists at center stage on Search. What this means is that the next time you make a music-related search, you will be able to hear the update directly from them in the search results. Google rolled out a similar feature that will answer your celebrity questions with selfie-style videos back in December. Continue reading “Google now lets Musicians post updates directly in search results”