Nokia 5800 gets a new firmware upgrade, reaches v31.0.008

Good News for all the Nokia 5800 fans! It has just got a new firmware update (v31.0.008) via OTA and as well as via NSU (File size being 6MB and 100MB respectively).

The new firmware update (v31.0.008) brings along with it a lot of known bugfixes and improved sensitivity of the touchscreen. The firmware has been released for several product codes in European countries today and shall be rolling out for others in the coming few days.

To update your firmware via Over The Air method, just type *#0000# from the dialler and then press ‘Options => Check for updates‘. And if you are lucky, the update dialog would pop up, else you will have to wait for few days for the new firmware to get rolled up worldwide.

However, before proceeding with the firmware upgrade, we advise you to backup all your important phone data as usual, even though 5800 has UDP (User Data Preservation).

The Changes in the new firmware v31.0.008 are as follows:

  1. Nokia Maps has been updated to Ovi Maps 3.1
  2. The Ovi Store client has been updated to v1.05(231)
  3. Performance Improvements has been observed which means more free RAM and better memory optimisations.

Did you get the new update? Did you find anything extra which was previously not there in 5800? Do Pass On your comments.

Nokia 5800 XM Firmware v30.0.011 Out. So What’s New?

Yay! The much anticipated Firmware upgrade (v 30.0.011) for Nokia 5800 is out.  Once I upgraded the firmware of my phone to v30.0.011, I started searching for any visible changes on my phone and much to my dismay, found no changes at all.

But after using the phone for some time, I realized that the device has suddenly become more responsive, the RAM handling on the phone has improved a lot from its previous version. Also one of the new additions in the update has been the Home screen notifications for  E-mails. Continue reading “Nokia 5800 XM Firmware v30.0.011 Out. So What’s New?”

Nokia 5800 v31.0.0.15 Firmware Update Coming soon

Good News for all the Nokia 5800 users, A new firmware update (v is in the offing.

Recently, Nokia Conversations released their “Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 Introduction” video on Youtube.  But if you watch the video attentively, at the 0:57 second of the video, you can clearly see that the Firmware version of the Nokia 5800 is showing as v.31.0.015.  And also Steve Litchfield of All About Symbian has also quoted in one of their articles that v31 firmware was the stable release inside Nokia a couple of weeks ago and he suspects it will appear in public this week.

Here is the snapshot of the video where the phone is being updated to v31.0.0.15 of the firmware.

Continue reading “Nokia 5800 v31.0.0.15 Firmware Update Coming soon”