OPPO F7 Review

When Apple starts a trend, it doesn’t take all that long for the competition to catch up. The notch though has seen a surprisingly quick uptake. Well, here we are with OPPO’s latest, the F7 continues the tradition of being a ‘selfie expert’ while catching up on a few new trends. We’ve been spending some time with the device and here’s what we think. Continue reading “OPPO F7 Review”

LG Optimus F7 Hands On

LG showed off its new F7 handset here at the Mobile World Congress. The handset is a part of their upper middle range strategy and has a large 4.7″ 720p display.

The screen is of the IPS variety and offers pretty good viewing angles. We quite liked the feel of the device with runs on Android 4.1.2 though it would benefit from the use of slightly higher end materials. Continue reading “LG Optimus F7 Hands On”