Elephone Trunk Review

Elephone had entered India with the launch of Elephone G7 smartphone in July. The Chinese smartphone teamed up with iberry’s Auxus to launch Auxus PRIME P8000 in August. Elephone has launched the Trunk smartphone in China for $119.99 but the device is not yet announced for Indian markets. We have got our hands on the device so let’s take a look at it and see if it worth the price tag.

Elephone Trunk_fonearena
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Elephone P8000 (iberry Auxus PRIME P8000) Review

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Choice is good. Yes or No? That is a statement that has been debated by many over the course of history and I am a believer of the former. I believe that the more the number of choices you have the better it is. Sure, it does get tougher to make the right choice as the lines between the choices gets thinner with each additional choice. This is the case with smartphones in India particularly in the sub 18k price segment. A while back we didn’t have much choice in this segment. You got a number of models that you could count on your fingers and most often than not each one was very different from one another and each came with a set of flaws that you had to live with. Fast forward to the introduction of the Moto G and Moto E as well as Xiaomi’s entry into India where users started getting better value for money and no longer had to compromise with the handset they got. In 2015, we now have more brands than we had handsets in this price range a few years back. Each brand brings us good value for money with their own twist on it trying to tempt users to purchasing their phones. While each does have its drawbacks, the drawbacks are often minimal and each smartphone delivers good value for money. The Elephone P8000 is one such phone that promises just that and is set to enter the Indian market under the iberry branding as the Auxus P8000 Prime. We spent a good amount of time with the device and got to know its positives and negatives. In this review, we will take a look at whether the phone lives up to that promise and whether the Rs 14,990 price tag is worth spending on. Continue reading “Elephone P8000 (iberry Auxus PRIME P8000) Review”

Elephone set to announce P9000 in October – World’s first deca-core smartphone powered by Mediatek MT6797


Elephone is apparently working on a new phone called the P9000 which is set to become the first smartphone that is powered by a deca-core processor, namely the Mediatek Helios X20 MT6797 and it will be released later this year.

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Elephone P8000 announced – Worldmode LTE and 4200mAH battery for US$210


Elephone has just announced the P8000 which is powered by a Mediatek MT6753 SoC. The MT6753 is basically an under-clocked MT6752 SoC but with Worldmode LTE support and the P8000 is one of the first phones to implement it. This means that it will work with 4G networks across the globe.

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