iPhone SE 4 reportedly cancelled

There have been many speculations in the past regarding the postponement or cancellation of the next generation of iPhone SE models. According to renowned Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo, Apple has now abandoned plans to release an iPhone SE 4 in 2024. Continue reading “iPhone SE 4 reportedly cancelled”

iPhone SE 4 could be postponed or cancelled

Rumours about the upcoming Apple iPhone SE 4 have been circulating for the past few months. The phone was supposed to be released in 2024, but the most recent report suggests that the production schedule for this device has changed. Continue reading “iPhone SE 4 could be postponed or cancelled”

iPhone SE 4: 5.7″ to 6.1″ LCD / OLED screen in consideration

We first heard rumours regarding the impending iPhone SE 4 from Ross Young, an analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), a few weeks ago. He stated that Apple will produce the fourth iteration of the SE in 2024, with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. Continue reading “iPhone SE 4: 5.7″ to 6.1″ LCD / OLED screen in consideration”