iPhone SE 4 reportedly cancelled

There have been many speculations in the past regarding the postponement or cancellation of the next generation of iPhone SE models. According to renowned Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo, Apple has now abandoned plans to release an iPhone SE 4 in 2024.

According to the analyst, the supply chain has received instructions from Apple indicating that the 2024 iPhone SE 4 production and shipment plans have been cancelled rather than delayed. This clearly put an end to the rumours about the budget iPhone’s postponement.

He goes on to say that Qualcomm would benefit greatly from this news, given that Apple was about to test its own baseband chip with the release of the 2024 iPhone SE model. Following that, the company would have used in-house baseband chips for the iPhone 16 models, which would launch in the second half of 2024.

If you’re not familiar with the term “baseband chip,” it’s a processor in a device that manages all radio functions and controls the network interface. Because of the cancellation of the 2024 iPhone SE model, Apple may rely on Qualcomm’s superior and dependable chip to play it safe.

Nonetheless, the cancellation of the 2024 iPhone SE 4 would be a source of concern for Apple fans and SE phone lovers. We should learn more about the situation in the coming weeks.