LG Optimus 3D Max Unboxing

Here is the FoneArena unboxing of the LG Optimus 3D Max which has been launched in India recently . The Optimus 3D Max is a much improved version of the original Optimus 3D phone which was bulky. The Optimus 3D Max was launched at MWC 2012 this year and feels a lot lighter and slimmer compared to the previous 3D handset from the Korean handset maker.  Watch the unboxing video below.


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LG Optimus 3D MAX global roll-out starts today in Europe

The slimmer and refined 3D smartphone from LG the Optimus 3D Max will start rolling-out in Europe starting  from today. The phone was first showcased at MWC 2012 earlier this year in February. The original Optimus 3D phone was a bit bulky and about 12mm thick. LG have managed to shave more than 2mm off the Optimus 3D as the 3D Max is just 9.6mm thick. It is also lighter at 148 grams. Continue reading “LG Optimus 3D MAX global roll-out starts today in Europe”