Dolby to introduce Dolby Atmos sound in smartphones and tablets

Everybody who has seen the movie – ‘Gravity’ in a Dolby Atmos enabled theater, will know how true and amazing the surround sound effect is. Dolby Atmos has been around in the market since 2012 and until now, it has been there in a few theater screens and will become mainstream in the coming days. Dolby is not satisfied with Dolby Atmos taking up just the big screen and they want to bring to your smartphones and tablets.


Dolby seems to have found a way to simulate surround sound effect in the headphones. Dolby hopes to bring the same surround sound effect that you get in your Dolby Atmos theater to your tablet and smartphones. This could greatly enhance the way we consume media on our smart devices. Dolby thinks the new technology can help trick the brain to thinking that sound is coming from somewhere else and not just the headphones.

Dolby is currently said to be working with hardware partners to help bring the product to the market. Dolby Atmos technology can be implemented on your smartphone or tablet by using the latest high end Snapdragon 805 SoC. This is just the beginning and Dolby hopes that devices with Dolby Atmos will ship by the end of the year. If this turns out to be true, then we could very well have many Dolby Atmos enabled smartphones in the market by 2015.

Author: Monish Kumar

Monish is passionate about smartphones who is also interested in User Experience and Design. He is currently using Samsung Galaxy S3. You can follow him on Twitter and Google+