3D games coming soon on iPhone courtesy Gameloft

Apple iPhone and games was some wired combination till now. I have never seen somebody talking about iPhone and games that are being played on it and any communities that are dedicated to iPhone gaming. apple_iphone_3g_2008_mid.jpg

But now, it seems that the guys at Apple have taken mobile gaming seriously; yeah it should be taken seriously; anyways, with the new SDK for Apple being released, Gameloft, the same company who has its games for the Nokia mobile phones and is one the games companies which makes some kick ass mobile games, has said that it will be launching 15 mobile games built upon iPhone SDK. Gameloft will be developing the games that will look really good on the large touch screen of iPhone and will be compatible with its sexy 3D processor. Apple store will be playing major part in the distribution of games, which will be launch ed in the second half of 2008 but as Apple is suffering from the pain of unlocked iPhones, these games will also be coming 9out through unofficial distribution network, I am sure.
This is really great news for Apple iPhone users, keeping in mind the excitement surrounding touch screen gaming and with iPhone’s intuitive touch screen just imagine how the games will be….

Author: Team FoneArena

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