Microsoft Surface 3 to be powered by Tegra K1 processor


Nvidia spilled the beans on its brand new Tegra K1 processor earlier this week at CES and it looks like the new fangled chipset will form the core of the next gen Surface RT tablet. Nvidia’s new chip dubbed the Tegra K1 sports 192 Kepler cores and has a new CPU as well. The K1 chip will ship in two variants. Either with a quad core ARM A15 CPU or a dual core 64 bit Project Denver CPU, the specifics of the latter are still somewhat murky.


MSFTNerd, famed Microsoft information leaker, has confirmed what was already expected. The next generation Surface tablet will be launched in time for the holiday season later this year. It will likely be accompanied by the oft rumored Surface Mini tablet that will clock in at 7-8 inches. Previous rumors have mentioned that the Surface Mini tablet will incorporate a 1080p display and air gestures. It might also include LTE connectivity. Windows 8.1 with InstantGo support will further make having always on connectivity a possibility. While Microsoft’s Surface tablets haven’t exactly set the tablet world ablaze, they’ve proven to be solid machines if you desire a Windows running device.With the upcoming software and hardware updates, they’ll definitely be something to keep an eye out for.

[Via – PhoneArena]


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