Nokia N82 Camera with Xenon Flash

I have never found mobile phone photography impressive on Nokia phones. I have had the 6230 and then the 6630 and the E61i.

The N82 has completely proved me wrong . The Nokia N82 has a 5 Mega pixel Camera equipped with Xenon flash .

The phone is the best Camera phone available in the market today. I m impressed with the kind of photographs this Nseries phone produces.

N95 and N95 8GB cannot better then N82.

The Camera has plenty of modes and also phone has dedicated Camera and zoom buttons.

If you cant believe what I say.. check out the pics below for yourself. They were clicked with an N82.

If you wanna see the actually 5MP version , let me know .I upload that also.

coffee cup

cofee cup.jpg

green scenery


nokia banner

n95 8gb banner.jpg

moto nokia ngage banner.jpg

Doesn’t this kid seem real 

kid doll.jpg



toon doll.jpg

smiley balls.jpg

Taken in traffic on the Road

traffic road night.jpg

Taken during proto .. Sehwag’s miss

tv screen.jpg

Author: Varun Krish

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