Oppo N1 Pioneers program can get you early access for just $99


Oppo, the company behind striking devices like the Find 5 and the R819 recently unveiled its camera flagship, the Oppo N1, with a list of “First!” things like O-Touch rear sensor and a rotating swivel for the 13 Megapixel camera, which is touted as one of the best. Of course, like any other company, they require a good amount of word of mouth to get people excited about a new and innovative product. Companies like Nokia regularly get enthusiasts and regular users who are really creative to play around with their devices and register their experiences, and Oppo is looking to do something similar. They are looking for 10 really awesome people who can share their experiences with the world on every aspect of the N1. The benefits include device ownership for just $99 and better, getting to use it before the world.

Apply here

The 10 N1 pioneers will be chosen by Oppo, but all you have to do is enter you details in a simple signup process.


Once the application is submitted, it’s up to Oppo to choose the pioneers based on their requirements. These kinds of enthusiast programs are always good. It makes people who KNOW the product to talk about it, and what’s better than having that featured in the company’s own website. Yes, Oppo will be featuring all the content on their website, like weekly photo updates, weekly experience blogs and more. To explain the program better –

Who we want

We want passionate people with colorful lives full of moments worth capturing. We want technology enthusiasts who love innovation as much as we do. We want original thinkers who will embrace the unique features of the N1 and eagerly adopt them into their lives. If this is you, send us an application telling us why you would make an excellent N1 Pioneer. If you’d like, attach a CV, portfolio, link to your website or anything else that will highlight why and how the OPPO N1 will enhance your life.

What you’ll do

As an N1 Pioneer, you’ll be the first to take advantage of the innovation offered by the OPPO N1 and decide how each unique feature best fits into your daily routine. Simply discover the possibilities of the N1 and share your thoughts and experiences. Each week, you’ll send in a couple of photos taken with the OPPO N1 and your opinions on a feature of the N1, a story of how you used it or general thoughts you have on the phone. We’ll feature your photos and stories on the N1 Pioneer website so that together we can introduce the OPPO N1 to the world.

The Oppo N1 has a boatload of features and this seems to be a legit way to get people to know all of them. So, if you think you are have the right qualities to be a N1 pioneer, sign up and hope for early access to the Oppo N1! Let us know in the comments section if you have signed up?

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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