Moto X customization options to include engraving, back panel colors


Ahead of the official announcement, we’re finally getting some concrete details about Motorola’s first handset designed while under Google’s ownership. The handset that will be completely assembled in the US is being called “the first smartphone you can design yourself.” New details have emerged regarding the level of customization that will be offered to buyers of Motorola’s new handset. It will be possible for buyers to select a cover for the back panel and also a trim color. Additionally, Motorola will offer a phone engraving service that will let users place a custom message on the backpanel of the phone.


A nice touch is the custom wallpaper option that will be offered to buyers wherein they can upload an image from their computer and it will be set as the default wallpaper on the device. The Moto X is said to make heavy use of sensors and will be able to switch modes depending on the situation. The phone will be available on all major US carriers and also on Google Play with the latter being the only one that will offer complete customization options. Pictured above are some of the back panels options that will be offered on the Moto X.

[Via – The Verge]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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