A mobile phone using village that does not have electricity!

While the rise in mobile phones users has been making waves, I recently came across this story which brought to light the extent to which mobile phone users in India will go to own one and subsequently charge one.

According to this story by a leading New Channel, villagers in Karaj in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, walk 20 kilometers everyday to get their mobile phones charged.


They however have no qualms doing it, since this village has no electricity and no decent roads. Earlier this lack of basic development used to cause many people to get sick during the monsoons. Mobile phones have given the people in this powerless village entertainment and power to connect with their family and close friends.

Isn’t this a shame for the Indian Government…that in this day and age, a country that is touted to be a superpower in the next two decades still has un-electrified villages?

Technology has managed its penetration, wonder when basic infrastructure will find its way through India’s heart that lay in its villages….

Via: Mobile-weblog