Next version of Android to be Bluetooth Smart ready


We just heard some rumours about the next version of Android, which indicate a June 10th launch date, but the Bluetooth Special Interest group is already excited about it. The main reason why they are excited is that Google has announced at their I/O developers conference that the next version of Android will be Bluetooth Smart ready, for devices with a dual mode Bluetooth chip. Bluetooth smart was a name given to the latest features of Bluetooth 4.0 which includes drastically reduced power consumption using a low pulsing method instead of a continuous stream. This enables a lot of useful sensory applications like heart rate monitors and various accessories that can connect with your phone and not have a major effect on the battery.

Announced at IO, Android devices that have a dual mode Bluetooth chip, which can do both traditional BT stuff like data transfer and simultaneously do low power information transfer with Bluetooth Smart ready devices. Several accessories have already arrived in the market and the inclusion of Bluetooth Smart in the next Android natively will enabled developers to target all devices, instead of select few Android devices, in which Bluetooth Smart has been manually added through custom APIs of OEMs, like Samsung with its S-health accessories for example.

With the impending release of the next version of Android, what more are we likely to see then? Sound off in the comments section below.

Source Bluetooth Blog

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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