Apple adds ‘In App Purchases’ warning to iTunes App Store

Apple has added an “In App Purchases” warning to apps in the iTunes App Store that contain such options. The move should serve well to let users know of prospective in app purchases in a single glance. The warning is currently noticeable only in the desktop version of the App Store but it is logical to assume that Apple will roll it out across their mobile platforms as well.


The move is timed suspiciously close to the settlement of the US lawsuit wherein children racked up massive bills by inadvertently going in for in app purchases. The warning should help mitigate that by offering users and parents the option to not download content that has IAP. ‘In App Purchases’ while here to stay are something that i personally dislike and it would be great if such a warning was rolled out by Google on the Play Store as well. I would rather pay for content in one go than be nickle and dimed for in app purchases and upgrades. What is your view on the matter ? Let us know in the comments below if you’d rather have a free game with in app payments for purchases instead of paying upfront for the entire game!

[Via – iMore]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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