Foldable displays look possible with Samsung’s latest patent

Samsung is the leader when it comes to display technology, they have been manufacturing one of the best displays from quite some time, Samsung had patented the concept of foldable display in South Korea  in the year 2006, the recently granted U.S patent for Samsung’s foldable display actually shows some positive light in this concept.

Smaller but brighter pixels will be placed at the joints between the two displays, which will bring the screen border closer together and due to increased brightness it will be in sync with other pixels. As the patent was filed in 2006 and we haven’t even seen a prototype of foldable displays, we are pretty much sure that Samsung is not rushing up the development of these kind of devices. Now as they have gained a U.S  patent, we can actually look forward for a foldable display device prototype maybe at MWC next year? Let’s keep our hopes up.

Source: USPTO