Import ban on Motorola’s Android products goes into effect

We’d reported some time back on the International Trade Commission’s ruling that several devices from Motorola’s portfolio won’t be allowed to be sold in the US. The patent in question here is Microsoft’s innovation on email based meeting scheduling. This ban goes into effect starting today in the US.

“In view of the ITC exclusion order which becomes effective Wednesday with respect to the single ActiveSync patent upheld in Microsoft’s ITC-744 proceeding, Motorola has taken proactive measures to ensure that our industry-leading smartphones remain available to consumers in the U.S. We respect the value of intellectual property and expect other companies to do the same.” – Motorola

If Motorola is to be believed then it has taken steps to ensure that currently available stock will be allowed to be sold. The devices in question include the Motorola Atrix, Xoom and Droid 2 alongside several other lower end models.

[Via – Engadget]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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