Jolla launched by ex-Nokians to carry on the MeeGo torch

Nokia’s stint with MeeGo might be over but the community is not going to let go of the promising OS. Ex-Nokians who were part of the development team have banded together to form Jolla which is Finnish for ‘rescue sail boat’ which is clearly a tongue in cheek reference to the burning ship memo by   Nokia’s Elop.

Community manager Jukka Eklund tweeted that the OS will have a Merproject Core which comes with Qt 5 built in. In addition, the company will be making use of Nokia’s Qt SDK for app development. Interestingly, the company intends to make a clean start by not supporting Nokia’s current MeeGo devices like the N9 and the developer centric N950.

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Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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