Motorola introduces new water repellant Wi-Fi Xyboard tablets

Motorola is known for making rugged devices which can be used in any circumstances and they are bringing this concept to the tablets now by introducing water repellant Xyboard tablet.

This version of the Wi-Fi Xyboard is made of nano-coating technology, which means that you will just have to wipe out the water and your device won’t be affected. But this is only available in the WiFi models and won’t be coming to the 4G version of the device. Even though it is water repellant, the cost of this device remains the same with the 8.2″ version at $399 and the 10.1: version at $499 which sounds very reasonable to me. Not only the same cost but Motorola is also throwing in a $90 portfolio case free with the purchase. This is an amazing deal.

Source: Unwired view